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18 August 2021

In an effort to maximize your distribution across the co-op network, you can cross-sell and upsell in your post-purchase and marketing emails. 


**Scroll down to the bottom of this article to read our FAQs.

Email is a highly effective marketing channel — offering your customers personalized recommendations is a key ingredient to successful marketing in the DTC sector. By offering your audience strategic recommendations based on their purchases, you’re providing a service and supporting fellow co-op brands —  all while earning more displays across the network.

Here’s a preview:

Boost your upsell revenue and 4x your distribution

  • For basic & pro members: For every email opened that includes a co-op cross-sell carousel, you’ll earn a credit to display across the network. 

  • For pro members: You can also upsell your own products via email. 

co-op brands like Hydrant, Golde, and Laura Geller are seeing:

  • 4% CTR per Email 

  • Cross-Sell CVR: 8%

  • Upsell CVR: 13%

How to set up email

We currently integrate with Shopify and Klaviyo templates, but can also assist you with custom marketing templates if needed.

Click here to get set up and follow the prompts based on your email service provider.  

Need a little bit more support? Here’s some documentation for the email providers we work with:




What is the client experience for transactional emails?

The co-op widget in emails has a similar CX to the co-op widget on your post-purchase page, but with only 1 row (or 4 tiles). You can feature 2 upsell tiles and 2 cross-sell tiles - your cross-sell recommendations will be the partner brands you've selected to display on your post-purchase page. Customers who click will be taken directly to the PDP. With our Klaviyo integration, you're able to drag and drop the widget anywhere in your emails.

Which emails can I add co-op to?

You can easily integrate the co-op widget into any of your transactional emails or your marketing campaign emails. For every email with the co-op widget that is opened, you'll receive a credit to display across the co-op network!


Adding co-op to your post-purchase and marketing emails is a no-brainer! Expect to see a huge increase in exposure + conversions as a result. If you need some help with setting up, send [email protected] an email and your CSM will give you a hand.