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15 October 2021

co-op is one of the first cross-selling solutions to join the Shopify Plus Certified App program - and the youngest on the list!

co-op is thrilled and humbled to join the Shopify Plus Certified App Program alongside leading integrated technology solutions selected for our service and dedication to Shopify Plus merchants. The certification honors co-op’s commitment to the merchant community and affirms co-op’s quality and ability to exceed Shopify Plus’ advanced app requirements in the areas of support, security, privacy, and performance. 

Learn more about the Shopify Plus Certified App Program here >

This is a pivotal moment for co-op -- we’re one of the only cross-selling solutions selected for the Shopify Plus Certified App Program -- and, we’re the youngest company on the list! It’s an honor to be recognized in Shopify’s final 21' cohort alongside other respected upsell and subscription partners.

co-op’s Shopify Plus Partner Directory Profile

As eComm businesses, we know many of you rely on a number of different apps that help you operate efficiently and cater to your customers’ varying complex needs. That’s why it’s imperative that you be mindful of the apps you choose to work with, as your partners serve as both the faces and backbones of your businesses. Shopify recognizes that building trustworthy customer relations is a top priority which is why they initiated the Shopify Plus Certified App Program - to help you identify and utilize credible Shopify apps that are held to the highest standard.

Shopify Plus Certified App Partners

So, how exactly does co-op qualify to be a Shopify Plus Certified App Partner?

Shopify PCAPs are best-in-class technology solutions who have a record of success with Shopify Plus merchants and are selected for their quality and alignment with Plus merchant needs. To be qualified, co-op completed a comprehensive certification process and must adhere to advanced selective standards and procedures. 

🛎 Support: 24/7 access to app partner support

🛡 Security and privacy: Trusted and secure information and data handling. co-op’s completion of the SOC 2 Type I certification confirms the integrity of our user data security, availability, and processing.

⚙ Performance: Advanced app performance and integration standards

We’re honored that co-op's efforts have been recognized by the Shopify Plus Program alongside some of the world’s leading partners that solve merchants' unique eComm challenges. We're eternally grateful to you, our vibrant community of early adopters who have supported us along the way and are more committed than ever to strengthen our efforts to support your businesses!

If you’re looking for ways to optimize how you’re taking advantage of your co-op account, email [email protected] to get in touch with your CSM to discuss some opportunities.

Onwards and upwards!


26 August 2021

Increase your exposure on the network by turning on co-op cash for your customers.

In an effort to increase loyalty to brands in the co-op network we've launched a new initiative called “co-op cash”. Reach new audiences, earn more credits, make customers smile.


**Scroll down to the bottom of this article to read our FAQs.

How it works

Your customers earn points by shopping at any co-op brand member, and you earn display credits anytime their co-op cash notification is opened. It’s a win-win. 

  • Your customers earn one point for every dollar spent

  • After check out, your customers receive a co-op cash email notification to claim their points

  • When the customer opens the email, you earn a co-op display credit 

  • For every 500 points a customer collects, they are eligible for a $5 in co-op cash

  • Customers can earn & spend co-op cash with any co-op brand who offers co-op cash to their customers via the co-op collective

Where you can offer your customers co-op cash

After a customer makes a purchase, the co-op cash module can show up in two places.

  • The page overlay that appears directly after checkout (you can control when this pop-up appears in your Flows).

  • The co-op cash email notification after checkout.


By turning on co-op cash, you’re:

  • Rewarding your customer for shopping independent 

  • Earning credits for additional distribution across the network 

  • Reserving your spot on the co-op collective, where customers from other brands go to cash in on their co-op cash


Here's a preview of the co-op cash email notification your customers will receive to claim their points:


If I turn on co-op cash email notifications, when will my customers receive this email?

If you turn on co-op cash email notifications, your customers will receive this email any time they place an order with you to remind them of their co-op loyalty points collected and suggest other interesting products from co-op partner brands.

Will you be sending my customers any other emails?

We will not send your customers any other emails unless they opt-in to create a co-op account to redeem their co-op cash loyalty points.

Can I see a preview of the co-op cash email notification?

Of course! Please see above a preview of the email your customers would receive. You can also send yourself a preview via email from the co-op cash tab within your account.

How do my customers know how many points they have collected?

Your customers can login to their co-op account at any time to view their co-op order history and available point balance.

How can one of my customers redeem their points for a gift card?

Once your customer has accumulated more than 500 points ($500 in purchases), they can redeem their points by navigating to a brand's page and clicking "redeem". Your customer will then receive an email from co-op with their gift card!


Need some help getting set up? Shoot your CSM an email at [email protected] and we’ll give you a hand.



18 August 2021

Offer your customers an easy-breezy way to purchase additional products after payment, no credit card details needed! All it takes is one click. Introducing: co-op One-Click Offers.

**Scroll down to the bottom of this article to read our FAQs.

We’ve identified a major AOV opportunity — after continued talks with our community, we've streamlined the customer checkout process on your Upsell Offers to boost your AOV. The seamless One-Click add-on to Offers eases the shopping experience, reduces payment friction, and increases your net revenue.

Offer unique discounts on products your customer might have missed during their initial checkout flow based on various rules, such as product purchased, order value, new vs. returning customer, + more. Your customer can then choose to accept this offer post-checkout and add it to their existing order, thus increasing your AOV.  

Dramatically increase your AOV with one, frictionless click. After your customer completes a purchase, they’ll be prompted by the offer to add additional item(s) to their cart. They simply click “buy now” and the additional product is added to their purchase. It’s a seamless, simple experience with zero fulfillment headaches. Here’s a preview:

Expect to see an uptick in performance with One-Click Upsell Offers

✔️ 7x CVR compared to original Upsell Offers tool, with way less headaches around capturing payments.

✔️ 27% increase in AOV

The difference between Offers and One-Click Offers

Offers provides your customers with a "checkout preview" which is not a true 'One-Click', and instead leads customers to the payments page to fill out those details a second time.  With One-Click, customers can purchase and add your offer to their existing with just one click. No additional payment information is necessary. 

If your customer checks out with a credit card, Shop Pay, or PayPal Express, they will be able to view One-Click Offers. If your customer uses a payment method that is not supported by our One-Click tool (this includes a gift card, installment service or wallet service such as Klarna, Affirm, AfterPay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, or Google Pay) they will not be able to view One-Click Offers.

Pricing of One-Click Offers

To activate One-Click Offers to your account, pricing goes up to $50 / month + $.10 per order (up $.05 per order from the PRO Plan). From the Payments tab in your Settings, you can update your payment details to enable.

How to set up One-Click Upsell Offers

To get started, head over to the Offers tab of your account, enable One-Click Offers

Click “Open My Shopify Settings” in the prompted window and scroll down “Post-purchase page”. Select the “Co-op Post Purchase Experience” app and save.

Confirm that you updated your Shopify settings and click “Proceed”. Then, you may have to update the co-op app to allow for these new one-click permissions.

If you need to update the co-op app, you'll be prompted with the below screens to do so:

Click “Let's Go” followed by “Update app”.

Once you have Offers enabled, you can activate One-Click Offers from the same Offers tab within your co-op account.

Within your Performance dashboard in the Offers tab, track stats like CVR, % increase in AOV, and incremental revenue.


I don't have Offers set up yet, how do I get set up?

If you don’t have Offers set up yet, instructions on how to set them up are here. Then, follow the instructions above to enable One-Click Offers.

If I already have Offers set up, how do I enable One-Click Offers?

If you already have offers set up, you don’t have to rebuild this process. By enabling the One-Click Offer toggle from the Offers tab within your account, your current Offers will be automatically converted to the One Click Offer add on.

Where do One-Click Offers appear in the purchase experience?

The One-Click Offers happen immediately after the customer clicks "Pay Now" and lives in between the "Pay Now" and the "Order Confirmation" page. Here is a video demo of the whole flow.

How do One-Click Offers affect fulfillment?

While the One-Click Offers is displayed, the entire order's Fulfillment Status is placed On Hold in Shopify. The hold gets released under two situations:

  • The customer gets to the thank you page by either accepting or declining the offer.

  •  If the customer doesn't accept or decline, the one-click offer page auto-redirects to the order confirmation page after 30-seconds.

  •  If the customer doesn't accept or decline and closes the browser, the hold gets released after one hour. 

Review more details here.

What payment methods are supported by One-Click offers?

If your customer checks out with a credit card, Shop Pay, or PayPal Express, they will be able to view One-Click Offers. If your customer uses a payment method that is not supported by our One-Click tool (this includes a gift card, installment service or wallet service such as Klarna, Affirm, AfterPay, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, or Google Pay) they will not be able to view One-Click Offers.

Under which circumstances would One-Clicks offers not be displayed?

  • The original purchase was not paid for using a supported payment method.

  • The original purchase was paid for using a gift card.

  • The original purchase was for $0.

Do I need to offer a discount on a One-Click Offer?

No! To offer a full-priced product enter in 0 in either Discount By or Percent Off in the Configure Your Discount section.

If I set up more than one offer, will all offers be shown to a customer consecutively?

Currently, a customer will see a maximum of 2 consecutive offers at a time.

Are One-Click Offers compatible with ReCharge?

At this time One-Click Offers is not compatible with ReCharge checkouts.

Can I track OCO conversions and revenue using Google Analytics or another third-party analytics tool?

At this time, no. Only the initial order will be tracked by third-party tools, but Shopify is hoping to fix this in the near future. However, you can see all of your One-Click Offer conversions and revenue numbers in the Performance tab of the co-op platform.

What happens if I disable One-Click Offers?
If you disable One-Click Offers, your offers will revert back to the original Offers behavior.

I don't see the option to enable this on my account, how can I get set up?

You need to migrate over to our Shopify app! You can do this yourself via our migration flow or you can email [email protected] to set up time to go through it with a CSM.


18 August 2021

In an effort to maximize your distribution across the co-op network, you can cross-sell and upsell in your post-purchase and marketing emails. 


**Scroll down to the bottom of this article to read our FAQs.

Email is a highly effective marketing channel — offering your customers personalized recommendations is a key ingredient to successful marketing in the DTC sector. By offering your audience strategic recommendations based on their purchases, you’re providing a service and supporting fellow co-op brands —  all while earning more displays across the network.

Here’s a preview:

Boost your upsell revenue and 4x your distribution

  • For basic & pro members: For every email opened that includes a co-op cross-sell carousel, you’ll earn a credit to display across the network. 

  • For pro members: You can also upsell your own products via email. 

co-op brands like Hydrant, Golde, and Laura Geller are seeing:

  • 4% CTR per Email 

  • Cross-Sell CVR: 8%

  • Upsell CVR: 13%

How to set up email

We currently integrate with Shopify and Klaviyo templates, but can also assist you with custom marketing templates if needed.

Click here to get set up and follow the prompts based on your email service provider.  

Need a little bit more support? Here’s some documentation for the email providers we work with:




What is the client experience for transactional emails?

The co-op widget in emails has a similar CX to the co-op widget on your post-purchase page, but with only 1 row (or 4 tiles). You can feature 2 upsell tiles and 2 cross-sell tiles - your cross-sell recommendations will be the partner brands you've selected to display on your post-purchase page. Customers who click will be taken directly to the PDP. With our Klaviyo integration, you're able to drag and drop the widget anywhere in your emails.

Which emails can I add co-op to?

You can easily integrate the co-op widget into any of your transactional emails or your marketing campaign emails. For every email with the co-op widget that is opened, you'll receive a credit to display across the co-op network!


Adding co-op to your post-purchase and marketing emails is a no-brainer! Expect to see a huge increase in exposure + conversions as a result. If you need some help with setting up, send [email protected] an email and your CSM will give you a hand.